We are the Munich Cradle to Cradle Baustammtisch together with the local Munich Chapter of Architects for Future. Our group consists of different stakeholders from the construction industry, and from other professional groups such as architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, energy consultants, building physicists, scientists, IT consultants, and entrepreneurs to name a few. Together, we want to accelerate the transition of our city to a restorative community and we offer our knowledge and expertise to other communities.



About the project

We focus on the built environment as the construction industry currently consumes an immense amount of resources and energy. The requirements, leading questions and value-added measures were developed and compiled by us from publications and our wealth of experience. The Architects for Future petitions and Cradle to Cradle principles form the basis for the requirements, leading questions and value-added measures. Our goal is to offer a full range of solutions from political decision making to concepts, and practical implementation. CO2 refers to all greenhouse gases or CO2 equivalents.